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The Guide to Healthy Birth
The Guide to a Healthy Birth is a free resource for new and expectant parents that provides information about women’s rights and options in childbearing, articles by esteemed birth professionals, support for finding Mother-Friendly care, and so much more.
Assessing Dilation in Labor WITHOUT an Internal Exam.
Happily, there are a number of external cues that can help you and birth partners get clued in to how much labor is advancing. Some are more subtle than others, but if you are ignoring the clock and keeping focused on staying in tune with your body, you will see them. Listen, embrace, wait. Enjoy the way it responds! It is amazing what it can do, this body that God gave you.
Optimal Fetal Positioning
Thankfully, with just some practical tips and working on your own posture during the last couple of months of pregnancy you can actively help your baby get in the proper position, by shaping your body in a way that makes it most comfortable for him/her to face your back.
Healthy Birth Your Way: Six Steps to a Safer Birth
Common sense tells us and research confirms that the Six Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices are tried-and-true ways to make birth as safe and healthy as possible.